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First Step UM 24 x 16
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First Step UM 24 x 16

First Step UM 24" x 16"
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In the world of ballooning, the first step is to inflate the balloon; this can be a tricky task for the inexperienced, a motorized fan is the usual method of initial inflation. The mouth of the balloon has to be open enough for the flames from the burner (this is the device for creating the lift for the balloon) to enter the balloon, without causing heat damage to the outer casing, and open it to allow the flames from the burner to safely inflate it. As the hot air is much less dense than the surrounding air, we soon see it start it inflate, and this continues until the balloon and basket are in the vertical position, it is then ready for passengers and to start the flight, to somewhere down wind. This image shows the filling of the balloon with hot air, to bring it to the vertical.

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