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Storm in Purgatory 90 x 30
Towards Last Chance 60 x 20
Evergreen 30 x 20
Isolation 30 x 20
Grand Wash-UM 45 x 15
Zions South West Face 28 x 20
Wavy Slot Canyon 28 x 20
Virgin River Gorge 40 x 28
View From North Rim 28 x 20
Spring in Kolob 28 x 20
Road to the Sky 28 x 20
Road to Observation Point 28 x 20
Night Over Capitol Reef 28 X 20
Lower Kolob 28 x 20
Last Chance Canyon Mine 40 x 28
Hidden Trail 28 x 20
First Snow 28 x 20
East Zions Canyon 28 x 20
Dream Canyon 36 x 24

Virgin River Gorge 40 x 28

Virgin River Gorge 40" x 28"
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This view from high above the Virgin River Gorge, speaks of its remoteness and beauty. This is the gorge where the most expensive rural freeway in cost pre mile was built in 1962. The gorge section is 16 miles long with cliffs over 500 feet towering above the roadway. This Freeway has shortened the trip for most northern travellers who want to get to Las Vegas and Los Angeles and San Diego. At this elevation we can the barrel cacti, which often grow to over 4 feet high along the rim of the canyon. The rich colors of the rock strata adds to the wild beauty of the area.

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