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Dust Bath 28 x 20

Dust Bath 28" x 20"
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While taking a bath in the dust on the high prairies may not be our first choice of relaxing activities; for these buffalo is a real treat. Looked over by the dominant male, this family group are stocking up on food for the oncoming harsh winter. For this and other herds, this is a life saving activity because after the snows fall the grasses will have less nourishment and be covered with feet of snow during the winter months. Although it seems they are placid creatures, I have seen them charge unwary visitors who encroach into their territory. While driving through their habitat I had a large herd run across the road in front of me, although they look large and cumbersome, they were galloping as fast as any horse I have seen. As a measure of caution, I stopped and waited at a safe distance for them to vacate the road.

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