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No Worries 20 x 15

No Worries 20" x 15"
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These seals on a beach on Kangaroo Island are doing what they do for most of their lives; they are sleeping off a good meal. Fortunately for them this area also provides plenty of food in the costal waters for their consumption. The beaches are a great place to warm up as they stock up on body fat, to protect them during the winter months. The mothers give birth every year and nurse their pups until the next one is born a year later. The females weigh up to 250 lbs. while a mature male can weigh over 800 lbs., which is three times the females’ weight. Although seals are normally not aggressive, they can become so if a person encroaches too close, this is more likely to happen in the mating season and with the dominant bulls being highly territorial.

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