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Temple Tree 18 x 12

Temple Tree 18" x 12"
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This image has an interesting allegory contained in its parts. It was photographed on Temple Island, off the Queensland Australia coast. Hence the name Temple Tree; but there are many symbolic representations of the work done in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint Temples. The work is based in part on family history research, so we see in the foreground, the items closest to us are blurry. This is often the case with family history where even the most recent things are not easy to see. The family tree is made up of different components, firstly the trunk, and like most families we can see the trunk is made up of a number of individual pieces most are joined together for strength. However, there is a family branch off to the left, which seems determined to remain apart, but eventually joins with the main tree. The branches represent the different generations of children and grandchildren, with the bright green leaves being the upcoming generation bright and hopeful. Under the ground are the roots representing past generations who have nourished and handed down wisdom over the years. In the background is a rainbow to remind us of the covenants and promises we make to help each other; which leads down to the water of baptism, which is the first ordinance. The twisted roots speak of the difficult nature of researching out individuals, where the landscape seems to be littered with contradictory clues.

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