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Just Hang On 20 x 15

Just Hang On 20" x 15"
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This mother Koala feeds in the gum (eucalyptus) trees of south Australia with her baby hanging on to learn how to feed itself. Life for these small animals is usually lived in the slow lane, high in the treetops with almost all of their time spent eating and on a good day sleeping up to 18 hours. It is a considered a small bear, but is not a member of the bear family. The only representative of family and it is a distant relative to the Australian Wombat. Fully-grown adults weigh about 28 pounds; they are marsupials (they have pouches for to carry their young). Although small they eat as much as 2.5 pounds of leaves a day, they are very fussy eaters and spend time looking for the most nutritious and tasty leaves. Their name comes from an aboriginal word meaning “no drink” they seem to get most of their moisture from the leaves.

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