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Riding And Hiking In Bryce 28 x 20

Riding And Hiking In Bryce 28" x 20"
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One of the most unique canyons is Bryce canyon. The canyon was named after pioneer Ebenezer Bryce who when asked to describe the canyon said “It is a hell of a place to lose a cow’; we can see that this would be true, particularly in the days of horse transport. The large weathered structures known as Hoodoos populate the canyon and give it it’s unique vistas. There are numerous trails and paths both on the canyon and along the rim. Vehicle access is limited in the canyon, but some of the most dramatic views can be seen from a road in the National Park along the rim. Standing at a high elevation, the canyon experiences a wide range of temperatures from extreme heat in the summer to cold capable of freezing waterfalls in the winter. Although I have not have an accurate count, there are numbers of hikers and horse riders along the paths in the scene, some claim to see over 35 individuals. Happy counting.

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