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A Place Called Purgatory 30 X 12

A Place Called Purgatory 30" X 12"
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After a hike up a desert canyon we find an area suitably named by the pioneers who discovered the place “Little Purgatory”. It is hotter than any where around as it is an enclosed basin, only desert tortoises and a few selected desert creatures can tolerate the searing heat and dry conditions found here. For humans, scaling down the cliffs would be a perilous activity. Looking over the scene is a plant known as a Century plant (Agave Americana), as beautiful as this plant is, it is semelparous, meaning it flowers once and then dies, usually  living for 30 years, but some plants have been recorded as old as 80 years. However, the flower can grow up to 30 feet high with the leaves at 5 feet long at the base covering up to 10 feet in diameter.  The plant leaves suckers from which new plants germinate.


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