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New Zealand Fall 30 x 20
Valley of Color 36 x 24
Waiting for Winter 28 x 20
Summers End 54 x 24
Shades of Red 40 x 28
Mountain Stream 40 x 28
Just Leaves 40 x 28
Golden Pond 28 x 20
Falls Carpet 28 x 20
Fall at Browse 40 x 28
Fall among the Evergreens 40 x 28
Duck Creek 28 x 20
Country Tea Room 24 x 18
Canebreak Cabin 30 x 20
Aspen Glory 28 x 20
All Fall 40 x 28
Amber Dawn 28 x 20

Aspen Glory 28 x 20

Aspen Glory 28" x 20"
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This photograph is of some aspen trees, which are growing in a bed of volcanic rock. The rich colors stand out against the blue of the fall sky. Although each tree is reasonably small, it is the largest living thing on the planet; this is because a tree will spread its roots and then by a process known as clone sprouts, it will send up another tree. This process is repeated until there are hundreds of trees in a 50-yard radius from the original, which all share the same root system and are identical clones. This is why; we often see aspen trees where a number of trees in a location are all of one shade while others adjacent are another. This is highlighted in the fall we see a patchwork of colors; where one group are still green while others around can range from light yellow through deep reds.

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