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Multiple Messages 36 x 24
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Fort Pierce Petroglyphs 24 x 16
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Herding Sheep-UM 36 x 24
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Night Headlines UM 24 x 16
Rocky Mountain Sheep 40 x 20
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Etched by the Wind 28 x 20
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Black Rock Petroglyphs-UM 60 x 20

Black Rock Petroglyphs-UM 60" x 20"
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This series of Native American etchings are in an area known as black rock. When I moved to my present home it seemed about half of the locations had the black rock designation. As I travelled around the area, I could see that this location was the benefactor of numerous volcanoes and volcanic action, therefore a lot of the areas are covered with black rocks. I have been unable to find anyone who has a certain interpretation of the symbols and drawings; but they remind us of that much of history is viewed through a narrow window.

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