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Multiple Messages 36 x 24
Bear Mask 30 x 20
Fort Pierce Petroglyphs 24 x 16
Mixed Messages-UM 20 x 14
Herding Sheep-UM 36 x 24
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Interpretation UM 36 x 24
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Information UM 50 x 40
Baby Seven Toes 18 x 12
News and Views 18 x 12
Night Headlines UM 24 x 16
Rocky Mountain Sheep 40 x 20
Past Message 40 x 28
Form a Line 28 x 20
Etched by the Wind 28 x 20
Big Feet 24 x 18

Information UM 50 x 40

Information UM 50" x 40"
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This petroglyph seems to contain a lot of messages; this is typical of most rock art. These are some of the least understood in the US as far as interpretation; unfortunately experts disagree on many of the meanings. Most agree that this art came from the Freemont period (500 AD), but little in terms of artifacts have been found to help refine and identify the time frame more accurately. It is in a narrow pass and most likely was a route used by many, in their migrations. It has been called the zipper glyph because of its most prominent feature, which looks like an open zipper.

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