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Multiple Messages 36 x 24
Bear Mask 30 x 20
Fort Pierce Petroglyphs 24 x 16
Mixed Messages-UM 20 x 14
Herding Sheep-UM 36 x 24
Rabbit-UM 36 x 24
Black Rock Petroglyphs-UM 60 x 20
Interpretation UM 36 x 24
Full Page-UM 30 x 20
Information UM 50 x 40
Baby Seven Toes 18 x 12
News and Views 18 x 12
Night Headlines UM 24 x 16
Rocky Mountain Sheep 40 x 20
Past Message 40 x 28
Form a Line 28 x 20
Etched by the Wind 28 x 20
Big Feet 24 x 18

Night Headlines UM 24 x 16

Night Headlines UM 24" x 16"
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This image of an ancient native rock art; is highlighted by the rising moon, which is peeping over the rocks as if to read todays headlines. These images are abundant in the southwest desert areas of the United States, there is a general interpretation of some of the symbols and placement of items, but scholars and native experts agree there are many for which there is little chance of getting agreement on the message. It is believed many are instructions including, direction to water and other important locations for the travelling individuals or tribes. Others are generally seen as decorative and are expressing the creative work only known to the creator of the works. But for us they are a chance to enjoy the creative talents of previous generations.

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