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Dunfloating 24 x 16
Before the Storm 36 x 12
Seagull Perch 24 x 16
Cliff Layers 16 x 12
River Boat-UM 15 x 10
Diving Deep UM 30 x 15
Whale Tail UM 30 x 20
Underwater Volcano Vent 30 x 20
Norah Head Lighthouse 40 x 28
Ready to Fish 36 x 24
Low Tide 40 x 28
Life Among the Rocks 28 x 20
Ketchikan 36 x 24
Protecting Kangaroo Island 20 x 16
Tranquil Sea 28 x 20
Shark Rock Rio 20 x 15
Seaweed 28 X 20
Incoming Storm 20 x 15
In with the Tide 28 x 20
Driftwood 28 x 20
At Anchor 28 x 20
Waiting for the Tide 40 x 20
Safe Harbour for One 48 x 12
Pirates Cove 40 x 16
Amber Glow 40 x 16
Shade 15 x 10
Point Reyes 24 x 16
Facing Seaward 20 x 14
Wreck of the MV Sygna 28 x 16

Safe Harbour for One 48 x 12

Safe Harbour for One 40" x 10"
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Within this photograph there are multiple stories; the first is the merchant vessel, which is being assisted by tugs to reach its moorings. This ship has travelled many miles to reach the destination in a safe manner. But just to the right of the breakwater, there is another different and more dramatic story. Seen grounded on the outside of the breakwater is the wreck of the French four-masted Braque, the Adolphe, this ship sailed from Antwerp to Newcastle Australia in 1904. When it  reached the harbor there was a severe storm in progress; the ship was attached by ropes to two tugs. Unfortunately, one of the lines from the tugs broke and before it could be reattached the ship was blown around the breakwater. It grounded on top of another wreck, which was of the ship Regent Murray; which was a ship built in Scotland and ran aground on 4 April 1899. The lifeboat coxswain directed a heroic rescue of all the crew of the Adolphe. The rescue took almost 14 hours before the ships captain was finally brought to safety.

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