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Seagull Perch 24 x 16

Seagull Perch 24" x 16"
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This is the remains of the Steam Ship Palo Alto, a ship that never sailed. It was built as a tanker in World War 1, it was started in 1917, but the construction was not completed until after the war ended. Because of the need for steel, the majority of the hull was made out of cement. It was mothballed until a group of business enraptures purchased it in 1929, they intended to use it as an amusement venue. They fitted a heated swimming pool, café, and dance floor along with other attractions. However, within 2 years of its purchase the great depression hit, and it was beached and the lower decks flooded; a pier was erected to allow it to be used as a fishing platform. Damage to the structure forced the closing of the ship and the end of the pier. In 2016 a few years after this photograph was taken, a large storm broke the hull in 4 parts and some sections were rolled onto their sides. It now is being destroyed with each storm.

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