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Norah Head Lighthouse 40 x 28

Norah Head Lighthouse 40" x 28"
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This lighthouse has an interesting history, it is the last of the James Barnet style to be built; it was also the last of the staffed lighthouses to be built along this coastline. It was commissioned in 1903, and was originally lit by a kerosene burner for the main light. It was only electrified in 1961. It was finally automated in 1994, and now does not have an on site staff. It was constructed following many years of demands from the local residents, as this stretch of the coast was littered with many shipwrecks. It can be seen for 26 nautical miles out to sea, and has helped make the shipping lanes in this area much safer. The image was photographed from the rocks below the lighthouse, where many ships wrecked. There is an unusually long and narrow inlet in one of the rock formations, which diverts the waves along its channel only to crash in a spectacular fashion spraying the waves into the sky.

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