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Wreck of the MV Sygna 28 x 16

Wreck of the MV Sygna 28 x 16

Wreck of the MV Sygna 28" x16"
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These are the only remains of the MV Sygna a 53,000 tonne Norwegian bulk carrier, it was on its maiden voyage and was at anchor, it was waiting to load its cargo. It ran aground in May 1974 during a massive storm; it now rests where it came ashore in Stockton Beach, New South Wales, Australia. It was anchored off Newcastle Harbour when there was a weather warning, and all ships were instructed to go into deeper waters. However, three of the ships ignored the warning, the Sygna was one of them. Of the 713 feet length less than 100 feet remain as a warning to others of the power of storms. But since this time others have not heeded the warnings and there have been other groundings, the latest was the Pasha Bulker in October 2007.

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