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Lower Yellowstone Falls 30 X 20
Towards Emerald Pools 24 x 16
Sustaining the Desert 24 x 16
Ohau Falls 15 x 10
Upper Somersby Falls 54 x 24
Somersby Falls 54 x 24
Shades of Green 40 x 16
Red Desert Falls 54 x 24
Mossy Dell 40 x 16
Forest Falls 54 x 24
Your Turn Next 28 x 20
Rain Forest Falls 68 x 54
Hidden Falls 30 x 20
Gap Creek Falls 40 x 28
Cascades 40 x 28

Red Desert Falls 54 x 24

Red Desert Falls 54" x 24"
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This photograph is of a falls; the stream starts high in the mountains, and feeds the desert below. Although the stream is relatively small in the summer time, when the fall with monsoon rainfall comes, these falls are a tremendous image with enormous amount of water thundering down to flood the deserts below. Along with the water comes tons of sand and red soil, which will slowly grind into the rocks and produce a much deeper canyon. The course of the river can be seen from a long way as there is a ribbon of green trees and plants which marks its course, making it stand out from the more barren landscape around.

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